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Check Jodi Kovitz on CP24 Toronto’s Breaking News talking about Elevate Toronto!

“We want to tell the world that it is our time. We are here and we are ready.”

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As Elevate Toronto looms closer, the inaugural event is on track to hit 5,000 attendees with 95 community partners. Since BetaKit published its guide to Elevate Toronto, festival organizers have continued building the three-day celebration of Canada’s diverse tech ecosystem. As part of that mission, Elevate Toronto has announced new speakers and programs that highlight the importance of including a variety of perspectives.

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The countdown to Toronto’s three-day tech festival: “Elevate Toronto”

Jodi Kovitz, CEO at AceTech Ontario, and Razor Suleman, co-founder & CEO at Elevate Toronto, join BNN to talk about “Elevate Toronto,” a three-day tech festival from Sept. 12-14 that celebrates the best of Canadian innovation with Toronto’s startups, investors and corporate innovators.

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Razor Suleman’s latest project aims to help underrepresented tech voices

Razor Suleman, CEO of Elevate Toronto, joins BNN from Toronto’s CN Tower to discuss his hopes to empower the underrepresented voices in Canada’s tech community. “In Canada, we have 35 million people. We can’t afford to have half of the talent pool not engaged in our industry. We need to access every unique individual. They bring a different perspective. And if we’re going to win, we need to disrupt together.”

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#ELEVATETORONTO launches tech festival to showcase best of Canadian innovation to the world

Mayor John Tory, who stopped by at Elevate Toronto’s launch, said that Elevate Toronto will become a major event for showcasing Toronto’s innovation ecosystem. “There is no doubt that Toronto is becoming a global centre for innovation and technology,” said Tory. “Elevate Toronto will become a marquee event for the city to showcase its innovation ecosystem, its talent, its ambitions and our undisputable leadership in areas like AI and FinTech.”

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Toronto is getting a new three-day tech festival

Toronto’s tech industry is booming and to celebrate and showcase it, the city is partnering with a bunch of tech-related organizations for Elevate Toronto, a three-day festival from September 12 to 14, 2017. Festival organizers are also focussing on attracting a more gender and racially diverse network of talent to the city.

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Elevate Toronto seeks to celebrate tech diversity & attract global talent

Atop the CN Tower, former Achievers CEO Razor Suleman announced the launch of the event which seeks to attract a gender and racially diverse pool of talent to meet with technology companies and hear from industry leaders. Toronto is becoming an epicentre for emerging technology including blockchain, AI and fintech and Suleman believes it’s time to make the city a global destination for tech talent.

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A massive three-day tech festival is coming to Toronto

Elevate Toronto will showcase the best of the Canadian innovation industry. Over the course of three days, Toronto will attract thousands of global tech leaders. Mayor John Tory welcomed the news of the Elevate Conference and was at the launch event on Tuesday

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Elevate Toronto to bring city’s startup ecosystem to global stage

While anyone looking out the windows on that foggy morning would have been correct that the festival’s organizers had their heads in the clouds, the event is anything but wishful thinking.

Elevate Toronto aims to showcase the core values of the city’s bustling tech ecosystem: The diversity and inclusion present in Toronto businesses; the collaboration that is occurring between established business groups and startups; and the unique position the city is currently in thanks to local and federal initiatives.

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New tech festival aims to ‘Elevate Toronto’

“This is Toronto’s coming out party. We have many amazing things going on here. We’ve spent the last 30 years building a strong tech community, but the world doesn’t know about it.” said Alex Norman the co-founder of Tech Toronto an organization that helps tech entrepreneurs connect. “This is our desire: to claim a week to get everyone to join the party and see what’s happening. This is about getting our story out there.”

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Elevate Toronto launches ambitious new technology festival

“Toronto is an amazing city and is incredibly well positioned to capitalize on the current wave of emerging technology,” said Razor Suleman, Cofounder & CEO, Elevate Toronto. “It’s our time – startups and corporate leaders are aligning with the government’s innovation agenda creating the perfect circumstances for accelerated growth.”

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