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Toronto’s hackathon

Gather with a diverse and inclusive community of hundreds of innovators, professionals, students and tech leaders from around the world. The Elevate Hackathon empowers people who are eager to learn and create by providing an environment for you to explore and build with mentorship and resources (i.e. data and APIs). Let us take care of food and the details, so that you can grow your ideas beyond a vision to tackle the challenges of urban growth.


It’s official! The Elevate Hackathon created by TD was Toronto’s biggest hackathon ever—with over 500 hackers, 21,000 hacking hours logged, and $18,000 given out to the top solutions. We couldn’t have thought of a better way to kick off Elevate 2018. Congratulations to Stable Hacks for winning.

Who Participates?

500 hackers, working in teams of 4-8 individuals, including developers, creative designers, civic innovators and technical experts.

Participants will include a mix of student and early-career professionals and be recruited by directly engaging their communities as well as through the sponsor networks, campus recruiting, co-op networks, and social media.  

2018 Judges

Building a Smart City

Toronto is North America’s fourth-largest city and we have a diverse and growing population representing 200 nations. Today’s leaders are facing a slew of complex socio-economic challenges. We need to tap into our countries collective intelligence and create solutions around some of the toughest urban problems:

How might we create a data driven, technologically-connected city that is inclusive, safe and vibrant for everyone that calls Toronto home? What innovations and technologies will help Torontonians live better lives?

Enter the Smart City … a fully connected urban center that uses technology to improve financial security, housing affordability, environmental sustainability, communication, as well as social and economic equality for its citizens. Smart cities go to their citizens for input, apply agile methodologies and create new models of sustainability and scalability.  

At the Elevate Hackathon, you’ll create the innovative building blocks of a Smart City.

Challenge Statements

Smart Economy

What innovations and technologies will define the future smart economy? How will local businesses and consumers engage in relevant and meaningful interactions that promote local commerce?

Smart Connected Communities

What innovations and technologies will facilitate healthy and safe connected communities, considering the benefits and needs of human interaction?

Smart Vibrant Living

What innovations and technologies will enhance our culture and wellbeing? What role can music, data and technology play in ensuring connection and day-to-day happiness in a smart city?

1st Place Team


2nd Place Team


3rd Place Team


There is a total of $18,000 available in prize money for teams that participate and win as well as complimentary passes to Elevate Tracks, passes to music shows, consulting and cloud services to help solutions get to market and exposure beyond the Hackathon. All Hackathon participants will receive a full festival pass to elevate.

The prize amounts and services will be split equally between all members of that team.

To learn more about the judging process please click here.




Become a Partner or Sponsor for 2019

Our sponsors and partners are leaders in technology and innovation.  They are committed to building a world-class technology ecosystem to empower Canada’s emerging and established data science, developer, designer talent and entrepreneurs to create something they’re proud of that can make our communities better. Interested in sponsoring? Check back soon for more information. 


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